Free Allure Beauty Magazines

Here’s a great way to get 12 free issues of Allure beauty magazine. These are genuine magazines and are shipped straight to your door! Currently these are only available in the U.S, however RewardSurvey has confirmed they will soon be shipping to Canada as well.

In order to get these you will need to fill out a short survey, these are random but usually take about 5 minutes (quicker if you skip a few questions!). After you have completed the survey, it will say you have $20 in reward points on your account. You can then use these points to select the Allure magazine for 15 points, or any other magazine you may be interested in! They have quite a few you can choose from, including the Glamour beauty magazine (also has 12 issues 🙂 )

To get your free magazines, simply click here! After you have signed up you will be taken straight to the survey to get your 20 points.