Tranquility Spa Free Samples Package!

Update: These samples are currently all gone, we’re sorry if you missed them! Feel free to check out some other beauty samples that are still available by clicking here.

Today we have some samples from Tranquility Spa, I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I was really pleased with the samples I got from them! They are a small web based company with a few spa branches located in throughout the US, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested in some fresh spa services. You can also get a $10 discount at their spa using their website!

Tranquility SpaThey are offering a choice of 5 samples, you’ll be able to choose from the following:

Whoopie Hand Cream
Hello Yello Hand Cream
Bamboo Firming Fluid
Neroli Eye Serum
Clear Skin Cleanser
A pretty cool selection, right?! I personally went for the Yello hand cream and was really pleased with it, it came in a small sachet which was enough for about 15 uses or so (pretty good for a freebie!)