Gucci Guilty Perfume Sample! (Tester Bottle)

I wanted to share an awesome Gucci sample I got the other day, it is a small sample bottle of the Gucci Guilty perfume. Mine took about 2 weeks to get here, it smells amazing! It reminds me of mild coconut mixed with loads of fruits, smells really nice!


We all know how expensive Gucci’s perfumes are, so whenever a freebie comes around I have to take full advantage of it! The bottles aren’t very big at all, much smaller than the picture makes them look, but there’s still a decent amount in there. Definitely enough to try it out anyway!

You can get one of these samples for yourself over at Scentbird by clicking here.

Update: These samples are currently all out of stock, sorry if you missed them! If you’re interested in sampling lots of perfumes I definitely recommend checking out Scentbird. Feel free to click here to read our review and get your own 25% off coupon!